Cain Still Kills Abel

In the well known account of the first homicide we learn the fact that in order for worship to be accepted by God it must be “by faith.” (Hebrews 11:4) We realize that faith comes from hearing God’s word. (Romans 10:17) To read Genesis 4:1-8 is to read of the rejection by God of Cain and his offering while accepting Able and his offering. The part seldom discussed is the attitude of Cain.

When he realized God had accepted his brother and his worship while rejecting his, he became angry. God said, “Cain, why are you angry? If you do as your brother has done then I will also accept you.” (Smart’s Paraphrase) There are scholars (Adam Clarke, for example) who understand that God said “a sin offering coucheth at the door. Offer it for forgiveness.” Cain however, being egotistical, vented his anger by killing his brother instead.

Thus it is today. The Cains of the world, I might even say among “Christians,” when similarly faced with the fact of their sin, rather than asking forgiveness in humble repentance (which is in easy reach for each of us), rise up in anger against those who are trying to please God. Are you a modern day Cain or are you an Abel?


- From the pen of R.C. Smart, The Buoy, August 8, 1988

-Slighted edited by Kieran Murphy


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